Tricks For Cutting Calories Without Really Noticing

A few extra pounds can easily sneak up on you, especially when there is a significant change to your day-to-day routine. But getting rid of those extra inches is often a real struggle. The good news is you can do it, and these five stress-free tips for cutting back on empty calories can help!

Five Easy Tips to Stop Packing on the Pounds

1. Commit to eating all your meals while sitting at the table.

The dining room table is for food, the living room sofa is not. Many people mindlessly eat tens of thousands of extra calories a year while watching TV. Eat your fill during mealtimes and skip the snacking.

2. Plate your food in the kitchen.

Serving a meal family-style with an entire pot of spaghetti or roast on the table makes it a lot easier to overindulge. Doling out individual portions in the kitchen will help you to control the amount of food you consume. Save even more calories by using smaller dinner plates.

3. Drink water when you are thirsty.

How many times have you gulped down a calorie-laden drink just because you felt thirsty? Stop drinking empty calories to stay hydrated. If you find it challenging to switch entirely to water, only have other types of drinks when you want to enjoy the taste. This includes coffee, tea, and fruit juices, as well as sodas. We have low-calorie cocktail recipes if you feel the need to splurge.

4. Divide your meals into courses. 

It takes time for your brain to catch up with your body, and if you eat food too quickly, you are much more likely to overeat. Splitting a meal into smaller courses allows you to realize you aren’t hungry anymore. You may want to try drinking a glass of water 10 to 15 minutes before a meal, so you feel fuller.

5. Go to sleep early.

Not only does late-night snacking lead to wider waistlines, but tired people also tend to reach for sugary food throughout the day to help maintain their energy levels. Keeping a consistent sleep pattern that includes at least 8 hours of sleep can help to curb unhealthy food cravings. If you must eat something before bed, try these healthier pre-bedtime snacks.


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