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Spring Fashion Just trimmed down and ready to rock it this spring? If you’re looking for the latest fashion for a slimmer body or want to spruce up your styles for looking thin, here are some trends that will make you pop for spring 2019. Pastel Jacket Every girl is Read More
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Coolsculpting Side Effects
Source: POSTED AUGUST 22, 2018 BY ANDERSON SOBEL COSMETIC SURGERY When CoolSculpting hit the market in 2010, it sounded almost too good to be true: freeze away stubborn fat bulges without surgery or downtime and all you have to do is sit there for an hour? Yet here we are eight years Read More
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PureSculpting Fat Transfer
Liposuction and liposculpture are two cosmetic procedures that are performed tens of thousands of times throughout the year. While similar, these two cosmetic surgeries have a few unique differences. If you are exploring the benefits of either surgery, then it is important that you understand these subtle differences. What Is Liposuction? Liposuction Read More
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One of the great advantages of aesthetic surgery is that it’s thoroughly discussed between doctor and patient and scheduled well in advance. As a patient, one of the more important preparations you can make is to adhere to a plastic surgery diet. What you eat in the month before your procedure and Read More
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