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  • Tricks For Cutting Calories Without Really Noticing A few extra pounds can easily sneak up on you, especially when there is a significant change to your day-to-day routine. But getting rid of those extra inches is often a real struggle. The good news is you can do it, and these
  • 3 Low-Cal Versions of Summer Cocktails A refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day will definitely cool you down, but it can play havoc with your waistline. Try these three slimmed-down classic summer cocktails the next time you are feeling a little thirsty. Three Lower Calorie Cocktails You Will Want
  • Five Meals with Five Pantry Staples These days, shopping for cooking ingredients, especially fresh ingredients, is getting more difficult, yet alone finding great recipes for staple ingredients! Just securing a grocery delivery time slot can feel a bit like winning the lottery! And who wants to take the risk of
  • Staying Fit (Physically and Mentally) During the Lockdown When was the last time you spent a month or more stuck at home? Probably never. Yet that is where most of us find ourselves today. Instead of being bored and frustrated with the way things are, why not take this forced
  • How to Make Coffee Healthier Drinking a lot of coffee every day isn’t the healthiest habit to have. While the best option is cutting back, there are ways you can make the ritual of drinking your morning cup of Joe a bit better for you. Give these three tips a