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If you’ve been trying to lose areas of stubborn fat but it just won’t budge, you’re not alone. Even patients who exercise regularly and follow a low-fat diet can struggle with stubborn fatty deposits. But PureSculpting has fat removal and wrinkle smoothing solutions to help give you the body you want. Real results, real fast!

If you’re considering liposuction in Jacksonville or CoolSculpting, our revolutionary liposculpting method may be a great option for you. Contact us now to set up a free, no obligation consultation to learn more about this minimally invasive, awake procedure that is performed comfortably in our office.

What Is Liposculpting?

Liposculpting is one of the safest, most natural, minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures which achieves circumferential reduction, while removing areas of stubborn fat. Unlike traditional liposuction that only removes areas of fatty deposit via surgical intervention, Liposculpting can repurpose and reposition fat to create a more shapely appearance. Liposculpting works well for patients who have areas of stubborn fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Clients regularly see 2-5 inches of circumferential reduction after one procedure!

What Is the Difference Between CoolSculpting and Liposculpting?

Both are procedures for patients looking to eliminate body fat in specific areas. Liposculpting is a safe, minimally-invasive procedure that reduces areas of stubborn fat. Performed under local anesthetic, Liposculpting targets fatty areas with tumescent fluid and rapid vibration that helps to separate treated fat cells and then remove them from the body through light suction with a micro cannula. Typically only 1 procedure is needed for patients to see their desired results.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, fat freezing procedure that can be used to reduce fat under your chin, on your abdomen, under your buttocks, and the back of your arms. Patients who opt for CoolSculpting may experience slight redness and swelling after treatment. In addition, they usually require multiple treatment visits to achieve the desired result.

When Will I See Results

Most patients see results as soon as the swelling subsides after treatment which varies by individual and is also impacted by the number of areas addressed. Patients will continue to see results 90 days following the procedure as the skin continues to tighten.

It’s also important to mention that while the results from Liposculpting permanently remove fat cells, you can still regain weight if you do not maintain proper diet and exercise habits after your Liposculpting treatment program.

The Takeaway

Liposculpting is a safe and effective procedure for both men and women. The first step to reaching your goals is to discuss your medical history and procedure during your free with one of our fat removal experts. Together, we will create an individualized treatment plan. Contact our Jacksonville, FL office today at (904) 513-4340, or use our convenient contact form to get in touch. Let us help you create the body you’ve always wanted.